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What is web hosting?

Who are hosting service providers?

Different types of hosting

General features of hosting

Web hosting packages with main features

New trends in Reseller Hosting


 What is Web Hosting?

Any website is just a website built on any platform. But have you ever thought that how any website is made accessible to you through the internet?

A website designer or code writer and domain name registration are also crucial in the process. But how many websites get live on this mind-boggling world of the internet?

The answer is Hosting.

Hosting or Web Hosting is a service that is provided by the Hosting Service Providers. These service providers are business setups, just like other businesses, where they provide services or technologies for the general public for their web pages to be viewed by their target audiences through the internet.

 Who are Hosting Service Providers?

These companies will host your website and its data on special computers which are known as Servers. The server of your hosting company along with various other servers creates this super World Wide Web. And hence your website gets online.

These hosting providing companies like Thebeehoste to your website on their server. Hosting is the home of your website. If you want to have a live website then you have to make it hosted.

Best Web Hosting Plans

Best Web Hosting Plans

Different types of hosting

  1. Shared Hosting

Where many websites are hosted on one server.

  1. Dedicated Hosting

Where only one website is on one server.

  1. Virtual Hosting

Where one server is partitioned into many and one partition is for your website.

General Features of Hosting

The most popular and affordable type of hosting is shared hosting.

Different web hosting plans provide different key features and functionalities. These features are provided by hosting companies.

Hosting provide your website’s physicwebsite’ space on the server as well as the bandwidth.

The bandwidth is the network connection for the server. The main key point of web hosting plans is storage capacity and bandwidth.

After getting any web hosting plan, you’ll need a user-friendly interface to manage your hosting. That interface is called Control Panel or cPanel.

Web Hosting Packages

Various companies are offering different web hosting plans & packages.

Thebeehost also offers different web hosting plans according to your needs. These web hosting plans are in different budgets so anyone can afford them. Let’s see some of their web hosting plans.

Deluxe web hosting plan

The deluxe web hosting plan cost 30$ per year. It is one of the most affordable hosting plans. It is used for almost every type of website.

Main features

One website plan for beginners

5 GB SSD disk space. For a new website, it is enough.

15 GB premium bandwidth

5 Email accounts

Free SSL certificate


Payment just once per year

Professional web hosting plan

The professional web hosting plan cost 40$ per year. For a multi-dimensional purpose website then this professional web hosting plan on Thebeehost is just perfect for you.

Main features

It supports up to 3 websites

It contains 10 GB SSD disk space

Thebeehost offers 30 GB bandwidth for professional websites.

10 Email accounts

You can get the free SSL certificate


Payment once per year

Enterprise web hosting plan

The Enterprise web hosting plan cost 50$ per year. It is one of the most popular and used hosting plans because it offers unlimited services.  This is the best web hosting plan on Thebeehost.

Main features

There’s no limit to the website connectivity in this plan

It contains 20 GB SSD disk space.

You can get Unmetered Bandwidth

Unlimited email accounts support

Free SSL certificate


Payment once per year

New Trends in Reseller hosting

If you have got costumers base requiring hosting services then you can purchase a bulk amount of hosting space and can resell that to those customers. You can get good profits from this.

It’s a great way to add additional recurring revenue to your stream. You don’t have to invest in expensive infrastructures like software or server licenses. The resellers also offer the best hosting plans with complete control on cPanel.

Thebeehost is also offering different reseller hosting plans. All plans are reasonable and provide great services.


What is the best plan for you? The answer is very simple and is as follows;

If your business is a startup or new and you are not expecting colossal traffic right away then buy Delux Plan for shared web hosting.

If you want to get online with your 1-3 business ideas then Professional Plan for shared web hosting is for you.

If you are a group of companies with more than 3 business ideas then go with Enterprise Plan.

If your business is well established old brand then opt for any of the web hosting plans from VPS or Dedicated Server plans.

And if you are old in the hosting business, you can opt for the Reseller web hosting plan.

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