About the Project

Step into a world of refined elegance with our client’s new interior design website. We crafted a stunning and user-friendly online space that not only showcases their exquisite portfolio but also generates leads effortlessly.

Thanks to our seamless booking system and integrated lead capture forms, our client saw a 150% increase in qualified leads, ready to transform their dream homes. We also optimized their website for search engines, resulting in a 200% increase in organic traffic and top rankings for key keywords.

Our client now welcomes a steady stream of new clients, all thanks to the power of a beautifully designed and strategically optimized website.

Interior Website Design: Beyond Beauty, Building Results

Beyond Beautiful Pixels: The Strategic Design Principles Behind Our “Award-Winning” Interior Website Project

Step beyond the realm of captivating visuals and into the world of strategic interior website design. We don’t just create digital canvases – we build powerful tools that transform interior design businesses into lead-generating powerhouses.

Our Client’s story: Faced with challenges, they turned to The Integrals for a website that would not only showcase their stunning portfolio but also fuel their client pipeline. We crafted a seamless online experience that:

  • Immersed visitors in their design philosophy through our specific design elements and functionalities.
  • Streamlined the lead capture process with forms, landing pages, and a CRM.
  • Boosted their organic visibility with SEO strategies.

The results: The impact was undeniable. In just 2 months, our client saw a 150% increase in qualified leads, a No.1 ranking for key search terms, and a surge of confidence in their online presence.

This is just one example of our interior website design magic. We take pride in partnering with visionary designers to build:

  • Websites that captivate and convert.
  • Brands that connect deeply with their ideal clients.
  • Businesses that thrive in the competitive world of online design.

Ready to turn your website into a lead magnet and showcase your talent to the world? Let’s chat!

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